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BRIGHTON CUP - Drummond Golf Stroke

Description: Saturday Brighton Cup
Div 1 Gross: M Cross 71, M Bird 72, R Davey 75, N Scunthorpe 75
Div 1 Nett: C Shaw 64, N Scunthorpe 65, M Bird 66, A Britten 68

Div 2 Gross: J Martindill 80, T Mayne 81, S Oakley 84, D Manning 84
Div 2 Nett: J Martindill 63, T Mayne 63, S Oakley 68, D Manning 69

Div 3 Gross: P Manning 81, W Tyson 85, R Curtis 87, C Higson 91
Div 3 Nett: P Manning 60, W Tyson 62, R Curtis 66, C Higson 70

Ladies Gross: D Taylor 82, G Wolfe 85, K Gardner 94, N Bird 95
Nett: M King 64, N Bird 67, D Taylor 71, K Gardner 72

NTP: 1st M Bird, D Taylor, 5th C Shaw, M McKenzie, 7th R Johnston, N Bird, 14th N Free, D Taylor, 16th S Linton, D Taylor
Superpin: N Free

Winner Brighton Cup:
Gross: M Cross
Nett: P Manning

Location: Tea Tree Golf Club
Date: Saturday, December 9, 2017
Category: TTGC Competition*
Updated: Saturday, December 9, 2017 1:52am EST
Attachments: None